We deliver Retail Real Estate expertise.

Our experience, knowledge and personal contacts give us the confidence to tailor-make each development process according to our Client’s needs and his Project’s complicity.

We have the experience to provide developers and investors with the adequate commercial knowledge resulting at securing the long-term commercial and financial success of the project.

Longship RE represents more than 30 years experience of commercial real estate development, including our 20 years of successful retail real estate development in Russia.

We make retail work.....

Make Retail Work

Longship RE (LLC), Nakhimovsky Prospect 52/57 Premise B, 117292 Moscow, Russia

Longship Stockholm, S:t Eriksgatan 48, SE-112 34 Stockholm, Sweden. Office +46-8-55 11 88 77

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Longship RE is launching a strategic partnership with IPMS AB.
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