Longship RE is a shop-in-shop developer –

we integrate ourselves into our Client’s organization and work under the name of our Client or Project.

We believe that successful retail real estate is based on the knowledge that you are leasing a potential retail turnover, not just square meters. We are also confident that this is the best way to achieve as high long-term asset value as possible. Consumer behaviour and retail/conceptual understanding are two of the main drivers in this approach.

We have the experience to manage commercial project teams with various specialities and skills; either Client’s own staff or outsourced consultants.

We have the flexibility to enter a project at different phases, and we are most successful when being able to participate in at the early conceptual stage. This gives us the possibility to create a concept and a story that gives the retail real estate a competitive edge.

Longship RE (LLC), Nakhimovsky Prospect 52/57 Premise B, 117292 Moscow, Russia

Longship Stockholm, S:t Eriksgatan 48, SE-112 34 Stockholm, Sweden. Office +46-8-55 11 88 77


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